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On 4/1/15, 3:32 AM, "Maxthon Chan" <> wrote:

>I understand there are still certain places that encryption itself is too
>expensive to use like microcontrollers, but that does not mean they
>cannot stick to existing plaintext HTTP/1.1

So HTTP/2 would be for all use cases *except* micros?  Seems to go against
the intent.  Further, HTTP/2 has many benefits over HTTP/1.1 for embedded

That said, the "expense" of encryption is not always the underlying issue,
even with embedded systems.  For that discussion, I'll refer to all of the
other threads on this topic.

>For those microcontrollers using HTTP/2 would actually introduce more
>state (aka memory use) and given the compatibility requirement of HTTP/2
>they would also have to include a minimal HTTP/1.1 support (aka code
>size) so ion;t think HTTP/2 would be appropriate for those applications

As someone who has implemented HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 for embedded systems, I
have to disagree.

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