Re: Headers vs Response Code for 2NN Contents Of Related

On 2014-09-28 01:57, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> ...
>> Why don't you just make it:
>>   Prefer: retrieve-contents-of-303-target
>> (with a more suitable name...)
> Hmmm.   What do you think about the rest of the proposal?   Do you
> prefer this header-based design over the response-code based one? Are
> you okay with both or neither or just this one?

My point being is that you don't need a new header field, just the 
prefer parameter.

> On use of Prefer, is there guidance somewhere?   I can't really tell
> where one would use Prefer over a new header.   If Prefer existed, would
> it have been better to make many of the existing request headers be done
> with prefer?  It's easy to see how the Accept* headers and the If-*
> headers could be thought of as client preferences.     Also Range.   And
> Cache-Control.   Even Authorization and Cookie could kind of be seen as
> client preferences on server behavior.

That's a good question; my gut feeling is that it depends on how 
frequently it is used.

> I guess the difference is that Prefer can be dropped by intermediaries
> and, essentially, can never cause any error condition.   So Accepts that
> have a wildcard entry could be prefers.  And the If-*s could be.
> Authorization could not be, since it can result in an error.
> Am I getting that right?   I really don't care -- I don't see any
> advantage to Prefer, but I don't see any disadvantage, either.

The disadvantage of defining a new header field is that you need to 
define a syntax and write parsers, whereas with Prefer the definition 
has been done already, and the parser needs to be written only once.

Best regards, Julian

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