Re: RST_STREAM(OK) after an HTTP response

> But that the validity of the bodies in-flight (or buffered on either
> send/recv) is the same as the other reset codes.  That is, all bets are off
> and I expect most stacks to implement immediate stream termination by
> dropping any buffered data on the floor.  I do not want us to get into a
> situation where bodies/requests/responses are expected to be valid, be it
> partial or ‘complete’.

The point is that the received request be considered valid. Just as if
I sent a response to a 1.1 client and then closed the connection (even
if they were trying to send me data).

> To me it appears we could just use CANCEL; the text already indicates that
> it used deliberately by an endpoint when it is no longer interested.  If we
> want to add a new code then please don’t confuse it by hinting at ‘success’
> and instead use something along the lines of “deliberate”, “expected”,
> “terminate”, “close”

To me CANCEL implies I initiated a request and don't care about it
anymore. Here the request isn't being cancelled, it's being replied

Furthermore, the server shouldn't have to wait for the client to "do
the right thing" and stop sending data and close the stream.

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2014 23:41:35 UTC