Re: Frame size errors

On 24 September 2014 02:31, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

> I've prepared a pull request that tightens the restrictions on frame sizes.
> Any objections to this change?  It's marked editorial in the tracker,
> but we're at a stage now that I think that substantive changes even as
> minor as this need to be raised here.  I'll hold this for a while and
> pull this in unless I hear screams.
Just a question on specific word usage: where you have "A ... ​frame of a
length other than ..." I'd have used "... frame with a length ...". It
hints a bit more strongly that the "length" to which we refer is the field
-- which, as was mentioned in a thread a while back, is actually the length
of the payload, not the length of the frame *per se*.

That's just me, though. If you disagree, I'm happy with the change.

(Also I haven't scanned for other usages, to see if that would introduce
inconsistency or an annoyingly large changeset.)

  Matthew Kerwin

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