Re: Feedback on Fallback

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 07:24:48PM +0000, Mike Bishop wrote:

> Some apps we support depend on the ability to emit raw HTTP protocol
> text. 

Are there any HTTP/1.1 messages that can't be gatewayed into HTTP/2?

I know earlier there were some, but I thought those problems have
been fixed.

> Others require client certs as a matter of local law and we don't
> have a way to retrieve the client cert without renegotiation. 

Renegotiation is dangerous in multiplexed protocols. And even more
dangerous with typical usage of HTTP.

I thought there was proposal for httpauth and TLS extensions to
tackle usage of client certificates in HTTP/2? What's the status
of those?

Also, I think those extensions, along with some other stuff
could be useful in order to implement usable client certificate
authentication (right now, CC is infamous for terrible UX).


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