Re: h2 Connection Preface

On 9 September 2014 10:02, Lucas Pardue <> wrote:
> 1. Client sends Upgrade request including SETTINGS in HTTP2-Settings header field
> 2. Server does not need to ACK (1) (as explained in 3.2.1, however that runs contrary to the MUST described in 6.5)
> 3. Server sends 101 Switching Protocol
> 4. Server sends SETTINGS
> 5. Client ACKS (4)
> 6. Client sends preface including SETTINGS
> 7. Server ACKS (6)
> 8. Server provides response to request 1

I sometimes worry that people intentionally misread the spec to make a
point.  Do you really expect the above to work with steps 5 and 6 as

> My Proposition: If we can bend the rules to remove an ACK in the Upgrade sequence, can we also remove the requirement for a client preface?

That doesn't work.  If one side changes certain settings, like header
table size, the other side needs to know when the change was enacted.

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