Re: 303 for paging; was Re: 2NN Contents Of Related (303 Shortcut)

On 2014-09-08 15:20, Sandro Hawke wrote:
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> Can you point me to the part of a spec which says clients should treat
> all unknown 2xx codes as if they were 200?     I don't think that's how
> unknown 2xx codes are supposed to be handled.
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> It's possible we did this design before realizing Range could be used
> with units other than bytes.   Do you know of any deployments with
> non-byte units?
> Is there a way to make Range work with changing resource state? What
> happens if you have 100k units, and the client is reading 100 at a time,
> and an item gets inserted or deleted near the beginning.   It looks to
> me like the client would miss a boundary item or see a duplicated item.
>    (We've addressed this in paging by varying the page size when that
> happens.)    This seems like it'd be outside of what the folks designing
> Range were expecting, and so it wouldn't be properly handled.    Hoping
> I'm wrong....
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If-Range. See 

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