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On 2014-09-05 18:32, Patrick McManus wrote:
> Julian et al,

Note to yourself :-)

> some feedback based on a re-read of -02
> * Section3 says "/When using HTTP/2 ([HTTP2
> <>]),
> clients SHOULD instead send an ALTSVC. A single frame can be sent for a
> connection; a new frame is not needed for every request"/ I believe that
> should read "servers SHOULD instead send".


> * section 3 also says "/Note that the "quoted-string" syntax needs to be
> used when a host is specified in addition to a port (":" is not an
> allowed character in "token")./" ..This confuses me.. its not the host
> that has the colon - the colon is always there.. so don't we always need
> the quoted-string instead of a token? I always get in trouble when I
> talk syntax :(

Good catch. 

> * I think the http2= examples should probably be h2= to lineup with the
> expected ALPN id.

Fixed earlier by Martin: 

> Thanks!

for the aggregated changes since -02.

Thanks for the feedback!

Best regards, Julian

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