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, Martin Thomson writes:
>On 5 September 2014 09:25, Poul-Henning Kamp <> wrote:
>> Can I propose that the origin of the data and the procedure used
>> to derive the table be added to the draft as an appendix.
>You certainly can propose pretty much anything you like.  I personally
>don't see the point.
>I'd be interested in learning why you might think that tampering would
>produce a benefit for anyone.

There are no accusations of tampering anywhere I can see, and it's
not about what I think.

This table is a key element in HPACK and therefore their provenance
should be documented, if nothing else for historys sake.

I found this email:

Which seems to be for a check-run to see if the current able should
be updated ?

It doesn't answer my question if HTTP/1 headers which cannot ever
be sent through HTTP/2 were filtered out before estimating the PDFs.

I'm thinking specifically of:

	"HTTP/1.1" (HTTP-Version in the status line)
	Reason-Phrases in the status line
	Connection: close
	Connection: keepalive
	Transfer-Encoding: chunked

None of these will pass through HTTP/2.0 and should therefore not
be used as training material for HPACK

Does anybody know if these headers were removed from the data-set ?

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