Re: See Other vs Contents of Related, was: 2NN Contents Of Related (303 Shortcut)

On Fri, 5 Sep 2014, Julian Reschke wrote:

>> In LDP applications, these calls are more like RPC than like displaying
>> a web-page, so milliseconds might possibly count more than they do in
>> more common existing applications.
>> ...
> It that's the problem, have you considered to tweak 303 to actually return 
> the representation of the "other" resource (using a new Prefer option?)?
> GET / HTTP/1.1
> Prefer: contents-of-related
> HTTP/1.1 303 SEE OTHER
> Location: /other
> Preference-Applied: contents-of-related
> ...
> (representation of /other)

From 7231:
    Except for responses to a HEAD request, the representation of a 303
    response ought to contain a short hypertext note with a hyperlink to
    the same URI reference provided in the Location header field.
So tweaking 303 to return the content of Location: would be weird, even 
with the introduction of a new conneg header.

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