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>> But we could apply gentle persuasion here:  If we make HPACK work
>> really well with baser64 (it does, but could be better) a lot of
>> people will take the hint.  Not everybody, but a lot of them.
>You are an optimist, aren't you?

Not really.

But I am a firm beliver of supplying good tools to qualified people,
knowing they will get the most out of them, whereas no matter what
you do, the unqualified will make a mess of things.

I used to say that I'd be happy if FreeBSD had 1% market share,
provided it was the 1% smartest users.

So I think we should make it a goal, duely prioritized, that HPACK
work well with base64 (it already does, but mostly by accident)
and advertise this decision.

The competent will take the clue and use base64, and that's enough
for me.

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