Re: 2NN Contents Of Related (303 Shortcut)

On 2 September 2014 08:00, Eric Prud'hommeaux <> wrote:
> We could ask questions like "Is /Index?page=1 a representation of
> /Index ?" and "What is the subject of the metadata in a 200+CL, the
> effective request URI or the CL?" The end result of these is that we
> evaluate the use cases for 303.

I think that saying we end up re-evaluating the need for 303 is
drawing a pretty long bow.

Why don't we talk instead about semantics.  What semantic distinction
are you looking to make?  There's a functional pattern you are looking
to enable (request this, get that instead, don't pay extra round
trips), but that pattern is supported by 200+CL.

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