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On Mon, Sep 01, 2014 at 08:46:50AM +0100, Cory Benfield wrote:
> I think that if we make any of the (relatively substantial) changes
> Roy is suggesting we'll want to go back and look really hard at the
> division between the framing layer and the semantic layer.

What I think is one way to change that division (going a bit further
than Roy's suggestions):

Frame header:
- Frame format changed to (stream(32)+type(8)+length(24)).
- Frame types with always zero / always nonzero stream ID can share
  a frame type[1][2].

Header blocks:
- The whole header block is sent at once (no CONTINUATION). Header
  blocks are extempt from frame size limits[3][4].
- If header block creates a stream, :scheme has to be first[5].
- Unknown :scheme (in stream creation) triggers stream error[6].
- All header names and values are 8-bit clean. No ordering
  restrictions except one noted above.
- Schemes can place limits on valid header names, values and
  ordering (stream error to violate).

- END_STREAM is replaced by END_STREAM frame.
- PADDED is replaced by PADDING frame.
- PRIORITY is removed (use PRIORITY frame).
- ACK is replaced by SETTINGS_ACK / PONG frames.

Frame sequencing:
- Stream frame sequencing at framing level is only constrained by the
  stream state machine.
- Schemes may have further restrictions (stream error to violate)[7].

- SETTINGS_ENABLE_PUSH can be set to 1 in both directions (HTTP
  will reset stream if you try to push client-to-server).

This removes most HTTP-specific stuff from the framing layer (except
for SETTINGS space and error codes space)[8].

[1] Vast majority of frames would only be valid for one of those and
one would have to check anyway.

[2] RST_STREAM/GOAWAY and WINDOW_UPDATE should have the same numbers.

[3] CONTINUATION already busts frame size limits and interactivity just
as bad.

[4] Incentive to not send excessive headers, 16MB is darn near infinite
for present purpose.

[5] For header streaming to work, it has to be first.

[6] Responding at HTTP level no longer works.

[7] Things like not starting response with a DATA frame in HTTP.



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