Re: h2 frame layout

On 1 September 2014 11:57, Matthew Kerwin <> wrote:

> If the framing machine were frame-type-agnostic,

+1.  That is my main point.

> all frame types could carry the END_STREAM flag

that is one way of achieving it.    Roy's proposal B is another.

I'm a bit agnostic as to which is best.   The flag is probably simplest and
more conventional, but would mean that we need to review silly combinations
like RST_STREAM with no END_STREAM.    But maybe in a frame-type agnostic
world, we don't need RST_STREAM and GO_AWAY frames?   Isn't RST_STREAM just
a GO_AWAY with a non zero stream ID?

Maybe we can replace the END_STREAM flag and both GO_AWAY and RST_STREAM
frames with a single END_STREAM frame:

   -   END_STREAM(SID==0, CODE==0),  normal graceful go away
   -   END_STREAM(SID==0, CODE!=0),  error connection shutdown
   -   END_STREAM(SID!=0, CODE==0),  normal stream shutdown
   -   END_STREAM(SID!=0, CODE!=0),  reset stream style error


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