Re: Clarification on HTTP/1.1 Server Response to HTTP/2 Client Connection Preface

On 28 August 2014 08:56, Lucas Pardue <> wrote:
> However, hypothetically it may contain special handling for the request line
> and could correctly issue a 505 via HTTP/1.1, with enhancement.

I'll point out that there's nothing correct about the preface we send,
so any behaviour that is immediately obvious as a failure, like
dropping the connection, or something like 505, is OK here.  The key
is to avoid misleading the client into thinking that its assumption of
HTTP/2 support was correct.  Generating a valid HTTP/2 GOAWAY, with
all the lead-in, is probably the best way to avoid this, assuming that
the client understands the code we choose.  (Mike, that's an argument
for resolving this issue now rather than later; I'll follow up on

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