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I made those requirements because we're really stepping outside the bounds of the traditional HTTP caching model here, although I do see Gabriel's point. I'm happy if the editor wants to adjust.


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> Actually, Gabriel pointed out that since you can't validate the MAY from external observation, it should be non-normative, and the MUST NOT (presumably) duplicates an existing requirement that uncacheable things not be cached.
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>> "While the stream identified by the promised stream ID is still open" - meaning that as long as the client has asked for it before the server has finished sending it?  That's a fairly small amount of time, particularly if the resource is very small, but sounds like a good starting point.
> I'm sure that clients can fail to notice the END_STREAM flag for as long as they need to in order to ensure that the various races resolve in the right way...
> Trying to determine how long the window is after END_STREAM arrives in which clients can consider the response validated is nasty.  I don't know how to finesse this other than turning a blind eye to small violations, the likes of which you (and Firefox too) are committing in this regard.

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