Re: h2 proxy and connection flow control

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> 2014/08/22 0:53 "Amos Jeffries" <>:
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> > Proxies have to operate under the assumption that a number of other
> > clients and/or streams will be arriving very soon and need to use
> > resources. So no resource can be allocated beyond what can be passed on
> > quickly.
> This is great hint.  The failure I made is always update stream and
> connection window at the same time. It should be updated independently. So
> when Frontend Proxy sends data to Browser, it only sends connection level
> WINDOW_UPDATE to Backend.  Stream level WINDOW_UPDATE is deferred until
> Browser sends strean level WINDOW_UPDATE for data which is not acked.
> Obviously this requires that Frontend Proxy's stream window is not larger
> than Browser's.
Replying to myself, this does not work, because Browser may not send
WINDOW_UPDATE if its stream window is very large (e.g. 10M) compared to
Proxies (e.g., 64K).  Most of the http2 implementation seems to send
WINDOW_UPDATE when window is reduced its half, so sending 64K data does not
make Browser send WINDOW_UPDATE...
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