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>However, removing anything that looks like linguistic imperialism and
>making a few more neutral choices gives:
>This still achieved 0.9% saving.
>However I'd like to see some rigour applied to selecting the most frequent
>value to apply, and I don't think the test data is large enough nor
>representative enough for this.

There is at least one header where raw statistics will mislead us:
Accept-Encoding is subject to stylistic variance with no subtantive
difference in effect.

The three main values I see right now are:

	Accept-Encoding: gzip
	Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip
	Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
	Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate

To which there is no substantive difference at the end of the day.

Adding one of them to HPACK means that most implementations can
shave 10-ish bytes of the first request without any substantive
change to their codebase.

As author of I really don't care if it is "gzip,deflate"
or "deflate,gzip" but statistics could tip the scales for just
"gzip" as the most common subset.

So if you have time Greg, I would appreciate numbers for two tests:

A) fold all A-E's containing both "gzip" and "deflate" to the same
   static entry, leave the rest alone.

B) fold all A-E's containing "gzip" to the same static entry, leave
   the rest alone.

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