Re: Header Table and Static Table Indicies Switched

Looking at request on an internal upload API that 12 internal header fields:

On the first request I measure no change in compression efficiency
(not surprising as all header names are unique so nothing is being

On the second request I measure a size reduction of 8% when switching
the header table to occur before the static table.

On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 8:31 AM, Jeff Pinner <> wrote:
>> If static header names are more frequent than custom ones (as you would
>> expect them to be), then I think this result will be pretty much the same on
>> most data sets.
> This is my point, they are only more frequent on "public" data sets
> since you are getting web browser requests that have to interop with
> every website. For APIs or internal requests that is very referenced.
> And for those that do appear, they will be indexed and thus get a lower index.
> Consider this, for a client encoding requests, there is no reason to
> use the index space for response header names that will NEVER be sent.
> Putting the header table below the static table moves those request
> headers that are indexed below the static table, pushing the response
> names to a higher value.

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