Re: REFUSED_STREAM => RETRY_STREAM (editorial) was: RE: hpack table size 0

On 1 August 2014 02:44,  <> wrote:
> The definition of REFUSED_STREAM is somewhat contradictory with the
> definition of the word refused. The word refused is defined as: indicate or
> show that one is *not willing* to do something [1]. The definition of
> REFUSED_STREAM in Section 7 references section 8.1.4 which says that a
> REFUSED_STREAM is safe to retry. In other words the server is actually
> *willing* to process the stream, but *currently unable* (e.g. because the
> client overran settings and so the client needs to retry the stream with the
> new settings).

I'm not sure that I agree with this assessment.  Does anyone else?

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