Re: :scheme, was: consensus on :query ?

On 25/07/2014 6:53 a.m., Erik Nygren wrote:
> I think the requirement is that http-scheme-over-TLS must only be done
> in a way where the client and server agree on the scheme in a way that
> works hop-by-hop and also works with legacy clients.  In http/2 the
> :scheme makes this clear.  In prior versions (eg, http/1.1) it's not
> clear there's a sane way (eg, new headers) that unaware intermediaries
> can't be made confused by an adversary on the client or server side?

Why would intermediaries be confused?

http-scheme-over-TLS is only useful when communicating to an explicit
proxy. So the request URI is required to be in absolute-form where the
scheme: is explicitly sent as http:// regardess of the TLS connection it
arrives on.

FYI: Squid has been doing this for TLS between proxies and from
supporting UA for over a decade with zero problems. If this restriction
becomes a "MUST NOT" then you just made FastCGI, Perl, lynx, Chrome,
Squid, curl, wget, and any number of other non-browser implementations

The only confusion seems to be in certain browser implementers minds as
a whole lot of FUD comes back for reasons not to implement every time
the end users request better security on proxy connections. The only
real technical problem I have heard in the whole debate is that changing
the generic proxy config UI on Windows is a hard problem due to re-use.


> On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 2:33 PM, Martin Thomson wrote:
>> On 24 July 2014 11:21, Erik Nygren wrote:
>>> I'd been under the assumption that http-scheme-over-TLS would only be
>>> allowed over HTTP/2?
>> I'll open that issue.  We currently have no explicit restriction that
>> prevents this.  I don't think that we have any reason to say
>> HTTP/2-only.  I also don't think that we need a specific exclusion for
>> HTTP/1.1, which is the other way we might cut this (so that we could
>> retain the feature for some theorized HTTP/5, which may or may not be
>> in active development for some major browser).
>> That said, Mozilla doesn't plan to use oppsec for HTTP/1.1, at least
>> in the short to medium term.

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