:scheme, was: consensus on :query ?

While we are talking about decomposing the uri into it's component

why are we sending :scheme?

It's not something that I would trust from a client anyway.

If the connection is not TLS and the request says https, then I'm not going
to believe it.  The only way I'll upgrade a request to https is with some
secret handshake with my SSL offloader via a special privileged port that
will probably nail all requests to https regardless of what the header says.

If the connection is TLS and the scheme says http, then I guess that tells
me something... that it is not TLS end to end, but then I don't know if I'm
meant to be trusting the hop or the end to end.    It's landing on my
server as https... so I guess it is.

Or is scheme meant to be optional, as in h1 allowing an absolute URL to be
sent in the request line?

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