Re: New Version Notification for draft-kerwin-http2-encoded-data-01.txt

On 23/07/2014, Roberto Peon <> wrote:
> Actually, it is an issue, so long as there is no ordering requirement on
> extension frames (as we'd have had with END_SEGMENT).
> We've not imposed (actually removed) such restrictions on proxies, and so
> we may find that there is no way to do it in the future. That would be a
> sad day.

Not entirely sure I follow. Extension frames are support-or-discard,
yeah? So what proxy is going to understand the frames well enough to
fragment them, but not enough to realise reordering is bad?

I do see the earlier point about fragemntation, though. Maybe it would
be better to include a "do not coalesce across this boundary" marker
that's more than just the frame boundary.

  Matthew Kerwin

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