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On 22 July 2014 16:55, Poul-Henning Kamp <> wrote:

> So the hacks to cover up deficiencies in the HTTP/2 draft start
> already before its even in Last Call ?
I don't know, I'd say it's a testament to the​ extensibility model that it
allows us to produce a lean, functional, interoperable protocol without
overly restricting the internet community's ability to build up on it etc.
etc. (Although end-to-end extensions would be nice.)

Also, there's an "official" precedent:

> PS: Compress(1) format ?  In 2014 ?  Really ?
It's pretty much straight up copy-pasta from  To be honest I don't care
too much what the initial/eventual set of codings​ is, as long as it's
workable (i.e. at least gzip). My goal was to provide the framework for
people to use whatever codings they prefer. People have requested things
like LZ4 and LZMA, but I don't even know how to reference those since they
don't even have a written specification (just organic reference

  Matthew Kerwin

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