Issues #555 and #556 (:query and frame sync)


Our other issues raised late in the process were major technical problems that needed to be addressed by the WG before moving our documents forward.

I donít believe these issues meet that bar; while they are valid issues against the specification, they do not represent technical deficiencies in the specification; rather, theyíre requests for doing things in a different way in the protocol, and there isnít broad agreement that theyíre necessary.

Iíve talked about this with our AD, who points out that itís entirely appropriate to refuse such issues based upon scheduling considerations.

So, taking into account our charter schedule and our plan of record in NYC, itís too late to take this kind of feedback for HTTP/2, and Iím going to close them without action. That said, weíll hold them for consideration in HTTP/3, should we decide to start work there in the future. 


Mark Nottingham

Received on Monday, 21 July 2014 21:16:49 UTC