Re: consensus on :query ?


Iím not hearing anyone else express interest in this.

Comments? Unless thereís a clamour of support soon, Iím inclined to close with no action.


On 12 Jul 2014, at 3:19 am, Poul-Henning Kamp <> wrote:

> Some time ago I proposed and argued that :query should be split out
> from :path and as I perceived it, there were a lot of people nodding
> on that.
> I don't want to inject it right now, we have plenty of balls in the
> air, but can I get you top open an issue for it, so we don't forget ?
> (Some of) the arguments for :query:
> 	Load balancers and other "triage" proxies seldom if ever
> 	look at the :query part to determine handling, splitting
> 	this field out of :path means they don't have as much data
> 	to run through the decompressor to make their decisions.
> 	Semantically :path is much more static than :query is, which
> 	means that :path can be compressed by back-reference, whereas
> 	:query almost always will need huffman coding.
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