Re: Cost analysis: (was: Getting to Consensus: CONTINUATION-related issues)

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On 19 Jul 2014, at 2:11 am, Greg Wilkins <> wrote:

> How do we transport large headers?:
> a) Large Frames
> b) Continuations
> c) Fragmented Headers frame
> How do we limit the max header size?
> x) Expressed as a max compressed size (perhaps == a max frame size)
> y) Expressed as a max uncompressed size
> z) No declared limit (but receivers may apply a limit with 431 or GO-AWAY)
> I think any of the limits can be applied to any of the transports.
> Mark - is it too late to re frame the consensus questions?  Have you been able to see any clarity in the other thread?

If you look at how I formulated the question, it was mostly about a/b (c still looks like it doesn’t have broad support), with a bit of wiggle room on x/y/z (and I do think we can answer a/b/c and then tackle x/y/z).

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