Re: Getting to Consensus: CONTINUATION-related issues

On Jul 18, 2014, at 12:17 PM, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

> On 18 July 2014 10:07, Michael Sweet <> wrote:
>> Nothing has been said about a required rollback capability, and I can't find any mention of rollback on the linked wiki page either.
> Say you have a block of headers that you need to encode for sending.
> You discover that you exceed the limit only after performing the
> encoding up to the point that you exceed the limit.  At that point,
> you can't send the block.  And all the changes that have been applied
> to the header table need to be backed out.

Right so to address this you would need to check if the uncompressed size > compressed limit, and if so either do a first pass length compute or a temporary copy of the state table. 

Itís extra complexity, but the implementation isnít difficult (a cake walk compared to other aspects of the spec). I can certainly appreciate the perspective from implementations that donít want to touch their code though.
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