Re: Ciphersuites (was Re: Mandatory to implement cipher suites)

On 17 July 2014 13:07, Martin Thomson <> wrote:
> I'm afraid we can't really do that without a risk of interoperability
> failure.  TLS mandates something that we prohibit the use of.
> Now, assuming that the TLS WG can produce a recommendation (probably
> in the context of 1.3), we will use that.
> I'm amenable to your suggestion of just ECDHE.  One being better than
> two when it comes to MTI.  I'll note that this is probably something
> we should continue in the TLS WG; as we've done so far.

I'm sorry, that was a lie: I've included these values because TLS
haven't delivered us an answer at this time.  I'd prefer if they

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