Re: Getting to Consensus on 1xx Status Codes (#535)

On 2014-07-17 07:40, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> <>
> So far, we've had two proposals for this issue;
> a) Accommodating non-final responses in HTTP/2
>      See Julian's proposal at <> for an idea of how this would look in the spec.
> b) Publishing a separate document deprecating 1xx status codes
>      Thereby preventing the establishment of new ones (HTTP/2 already defines how to deal with 100, and 101 is not relevant to this protocol. 102 was dropped by its primary use case, WebDAV, here: <>)
> I'd like to hear:
> 1) Your preferred outcome (if any)

a) (assuming my proposal already is sufficient or can be made to work 

> 2) Whether you can live with the other option, and if not, why

I could live with the other option, but I firmly believe that the 
ability to send non-final responses could be very useful. Also I just 
don't see an equivalent way to do this in HTTP/2 that maps to common 
HTTP semantics.

Best regards, Julian

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