Re: #537: Remove segments (consensus call)

On 17 July 2014 08:39, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

> Would you prefer an intermediary who knows what you are doing and has
> provided a positive indication of that,

In a perfect world the client, intermediaries and server would all embrace
in a group hug to celebrate their acceptance of the same semantics

> or an intermediary who is
> merely unwittingly passing your packets?

Failing living in a perfect world, then unwittingly passing on packets is
possibly better than discarding them.

However, I think the horse has bolted on this one and there are lots of
other impediments to intermediaries being able to mindlessly forward new
protocols.    So I am actually OK with removing segments on the basis that
generalising without use-cases is bad.

In some parallel universe we are chartered to make h2 carry both http and
websocket semantic and group hugs are more frequent in that dimension.


PS> I really fear that websockets over h2 is going to end up with a
long-polling style request stream that will carry push promises for each
message from server to client, just so that the traffic will look like http
and pass through http only intermediaries.

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