RE: #539: Priority from server to client

So I think that where we're heading to is the following:
- The priority information included in a PRIORITY frame or a HEADER frame is a hint from a client to the server on how to allocate resources.
- There are optional priority fields in the PUSH_PROMISE frame that allows a server to expose its intent on how it will allocate resources for pushed streams.

This would suit me.

I can draft an updated proposal for this.


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> > If there’s still any confusion, to be clear: the latest proposal appears to apply
> only to PUSH_PROMISE and nothing else, so that’s what I’m talking about.
> If you are talking about the same proposal (#526), then I don't think
> that you claim is well supported by the content of that proposal.  I
> think that if that is the case, then we need to have an updated
> proposal.

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