Re: #537: Remove segments (consensus call)

On 16 July 2014 09:46, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

> You can try to start h2 and then upgrade to websockets if the ALPN
> negotiation selects http1.1.

Currently this kind if decision is made above the browser in javascript
libraries that have to decide if they are going to use websocket or long
polling.  If they use long polling, for h1 they have to be aware of
connection limits and currently some assume 2, while others have been
updated to 6.  A much higher connection==stream limit will need to be
applied if long polling over h2.     But these frameworks don't have the
ability to take part in h2/upgrade negotiations and any knowledge they get
about protocol versions will be late.  They probably don't have access to
max stream settings, so will be guessing again.

Now if h2 had supported websocket semantics from day 1, then these
libraries could have just handed over the messages to the browser and it
would be up to the browser to work out the best way to transport.

Anyway.... I've made my point (several times) that I think it was a mistake
for the charter to not support all the current web semantics.  I guess that
horse bolted a long time ago.


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