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> , Eric Rescorla writes:
> >This seems like a forward-looking statement. I'm addressing it's current
> >truth value, and as I said, I believe that's not currently accurate.
> Standardization is a forward-looking activity.
> If we want to implement something like what I outlined in the future,
> we should start to pave the road for it now.

I'm not sure what you are arguing. It's certainly true that one could invent
some division of data in HTTP requests into "sensitive" and "non-sensitive"
and allow proxies to see/touch the latter but not the former. However, as
Julian has observed, this doesn't map to any division that we currently
observe in the URL, so from descriptive perspective your proposed text
is problematic. And if in the future we are going to invent something
new, it's not clear to me why we would wish to do so by splitting the
URL between path and query params.


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