Re: Call for Consensus: Frame size (to address #553)

In message <>, Jeff Pinner writ
>>> The argument against doesn't make sense to me, embedded clients
>>> already have to deal with a 16-bit IP length field so the idea that
>>> they can't handle a 14-bit HTTP length field seems absurd.
>> Your argument seems absurd :)
>> The device certainly doesn't receive 2^16 bytes in a single packet. There are micro-controllers that don't even have enough RAM to hold that much data. Rather, it will deal with the data packet-by-packet, frame-by-frame.
>And why would the device need to buffer the entire HTTP frame in memory?

Many of the "tiny" TCP stacks only have a single packet buffer, and the MTU
varies from ethernets 1500 down to the historical minimum MTU of 296 often
used on ad-hoc mesh-networks.

(that's actually an argument for using 256 - size of frame header for the limit)

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