RE: #557 Intra-Message HEADERS frames was: Striving for Compromise (Consensus?)

On Sunday,13 July 2014 22:25, wrote:
> Most of those extensions [e.g. chunked encoding extensions] are not able to
> traverse any public networks, nor can they be created or consumed in regular APIs.

Agreed, however they were somehow possible in /1.1 (not a good enough reason to keep the feature IMO, but has been an argument used by others, including yourself, for keeping other features e.g. unlimited headers).

> We've tried really hard to avoid adding features for which we don't have a use
> case.  I think that we really need to take a hard look at this and consider how
> much more than HTTP we need to support.

Agreed.  I'm +0 on intra-message HEADERS frames, but if we keep the feature I suggest one of two paths forward:

1) At least add a section in the spec making it obvious this feature is available and give guidance for senders and recipients on how to use/deal with them (specifically, I'm thinking of the flags).

2) Add a METADATA frame type specifically for this purpose (the better option IMO)


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