Re: Call for Consensus: Remove "reference set" from HPACK (to address #552)

On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 04:46:36PM +1000, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> It seems like there's broad agreement to remove the reference set from HPACK. 
> Jeff proposed this in <> to address other issues (#549-551); while it may be that it does at least help mitigate them, we'll consider those issues separately. We can also consider further modifications (e.g., requiring :-headers to be first).
> Does anyone disagree with taking this first step?

I don't have experience in HPACK implementation yet, but I feel that
it could simplify the sender's job. Also, my past experience working
on our proposal 2 years ago involved a very similar "common" header
set which was hard to manage for the sender and would need to be
reset in many cases and not provide that much a gain. I have the
non-scientific feeling that it will be the same here.

So that's a very small +1 from me if that counts.


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