Re: Striving for Compromise (Consensus?)

On Jul 11, 2014, at 12:47 PM, Martin Thomson <> wrote:

>> 5) Allowing interleaving of CONTINUATION frames with other frames.
>> 5b) The size of the HEADERS and CONTINUATION frames are removed from the
>> flow control window, but the they are never flow controlled.
> I think that 4 and 5 might be problematic.
> 4 doesn't seem to be well understood, but the interaction between TCP
> congestion window and something like the proposed 5b could mean some
> serious stalling/HOL issues.  More serious than the issues it purports
> to address.
> I think that 5 is a non-starter.  Roberto's analysis on this has
> convinced me that this is an undesirable feature.

Just to clarify you mean 5b not 5, correct?

Fragmenting’s justification is proxies. However proxies can’t have HOL blocking occurring, so without 5 the feature is of limited value.

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