RE: willchan's thoughts on continuations, jumbo frames, etc after *only skimming* the threads

Hi Rob-

> Our current platforms allow for very large headers and creating
> a limit here may create incompatibility for some existing applications.

Are you talking about a server or a client?

With respect to the "Greg et al" proposal, a client that wants to allow "unlimited" headers in a response would simply set SETTINGS_HEADER_FRAME_SIZE to 2^31-1 in the initial SETTINGS frame when opening the connection.

If you're talking about a server, what kind of application are you talking about? In other words, why do you want to use "very large" headers?  With the current h2-13 that would basically make all other streams unresponsive as it is a requirement to send the HEADERS+CONTINUATION* frames as one contiguous block.


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