RE: Striving for Compromise (Consensus?)

Hi Jeff-

On Friday,11 July 2014 14:18, wrote:
>> why [do] we still need CONTINUATION [if] we remove the reference set from HPACK.
> CONTINUATION frames simplify the processing of multiple header blocks since
> the HEADERS / PUSH_PROMISE frames contain other fields that CONTINUATION
> cannot have. As long as HEADERS contains a priority field and PUSH_PROMISE a
> promised stream ID, CONTINUATION frames make error handling simpler.

Thanks.  Now your eariler proposal make more sense (to me), particularly the reason for adding SYN_STREAM...


Presumably a non-pushed request would look like this...?


I'm with Greg, though, what is the reason for needing a distinction between HEADERS and DATA frames?  The same thing could easily be accomplished with just DATA frames logically divided into a http request of "headers data [trailers]" just by the END_SEGMENT flag.


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