Re: Striving for Compromise (Consensus?)

On Fri, Jul 11, 2014 at 06:03:48PM +1000, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Thanks. Based on the discussion today, I'm open to this.
> From where I sit, the only one that seems controversial is #4 - and we've
> already seen a proposed modification from Greg. 
> Personally, I wonder if we can just ditch #4 and still have reasonable
> properties; an implementation that receives too many CONTINUATIONS can reset
> the stream and continue to process other streams, correct?

But that would rule out one key point of the proposal :

> > For implementors that know that they will never accept more than 64kb
> > of headers, they don't have to implement CONTINUATION frames.

so that's not really an option here.


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