Re: Large Frames, Continuations, Flow Control, and changing HPACK

On 8 July 2014 09:33, Cory Benfield <> wrote:
> 1. The reference set is the only part of HPACK that prevents header
> frames being interleaved.

That isn't 100% correct.  You need to ensure that an opcode that
references the table doesn't cross a frame boundary, otherwise things
get really messy.

> 3. The reference set has been shown to provide negligible compression
> improvement in _today's_ header fields.

For some sets of data.  The samples we have are for browsing and only
for very short sessions.  For APIs, server-to-server,
XmlHTTPRequest-heavy pages, and similar, my understanding is that a
reference set would be a significant improvement.  I believe that the
reference set would have represented a significant improvement in the
applications I was building when I was at Microsoft.  Sadly, I can't
run the numbers to support this claim.

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