Service Bindings DNS Records (draft-nygren-service-bindings-00)

Following some discussion in both the TLS and HTTPBIS working groups at
past meetings, it became clear that there was a need for a mechanism more
flexible and powerful than SRV records.  In particular, we've discussed the
desire for an (optional) DNS-based mechanism for upgrading to HTTP/2
in-addition to AltSvc, especially for "http" scheme.

One of the major browser concerns is limiting the number of DNS lookups
that need to be performed before establishing a connection, especially when
multiple records that may only exist a small fraction of the time need to
be hunted for.  This proposal attempts to limit that while also enabling
future flexibility.  There are some related problems in the TLS wg that
this also provides a path to address.  Regarding the concern that the
adoption rate for new record types is slow, this is explicitly an
additional mechanism for now (such that clients should fall back to A/AAAA
address records and such when unavailable).

Feedback is most welcome and I'm happy to discuss more in Toronto.  This
does not yet have a working group home yet, especially as it spans the
interests of a number of WGs.  There are also plenty of open issues, and
I'd like to land on the concepts before getting into final details of

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        Title           : Service Binding DNS Records (DNS B)
        Author          : Erik Nygren
        Filename        : draft-nygren-service-bindings-00.txt
        Pages           : 16
        Date            : 2014-07-03

   This document describes a DNS "B" RR which binds together information
   needed to establish connection to a service across multiple protocol
   layers, including the location of the server, the application-level
   protocol, and security bootstrap information.

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