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>Lets make it concrete.
>Client A,is speaking to a proxy B, to servers C, D.
>Server C wants a max header limit of 4k.
>Server D wants a max header limit of 8k.
>What does proxy B do?

What is proxy B's job? 

If proxy B is a corporate SOX-compliance proxy that needs your
kerberos ticket to let you through, it will tell you that it
takes 64K frames and send you 413 if the headerset is bigger
than what C or D (depending on Host:) will accept, after having
stripped the Kerberos ticket out.

If proxy B is a CDN with two servers behind RFC1149 connectivity,
it will announce something big enough for what you might send
and then it will file away at the headers, in contract with
server C and D, until they are small enough to tied to the legs.

If proxy B is a load-balancer in front of C and D, it will
advertise the max, ie 8K, and if you send an 8K header
destined for server C, it will either send you a 413 or
in contract with server C rewrite the request so server
C gets to emit the 413.

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