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>On 7 July 2014 05:33, Poul-Henning Kamp <> wrote:

>> As far as I can see, no space has been set aside for versioning HPACK
>> nor for using entirely different algorithms for compression ?
>There are two options:
>* New setting (synchronization of use would have to rely on
>acknowledgement; therefore, it would be delayed a little)

Which goes directly against any reason anybody could have to
try to improve the compression in the first place.

>* New ALPN token

Which makes it an all or nothing proposition, and precludes
using different compressions for different header-sets,
depending on circumstances etc.

No, I really think we should reserve some bits (4-8) in the
HEADERS frame for this purpose.

Considering how many bits people are willing to spend on
the priority stuff, this cannot be a big deal...

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