Re: ext#7 / ext#8: multiple alt-svc

On 2 July 2014 22:02, Kinkie <> wrote:
> To me this sounds like a step back compared to DNS SRV records, which offer
> priority, weight and ttl.

I'll note that if (and it's a pretty big if) we support DNS SRV, then
adding priorization and weight to the alternative service declaration
would be *in addition to* SRV.  I think that keeping this simple is
best, noting that the server can apply things like prioritization and
weighting *before* sending the alternative service indication out.
This is not an option in the DNS scenarios due to the DNS
architecture, i.e., caching, but it's totally feasible here.

There are some arguments for having the client be able to choose, but
isomorphism with SRV is not one of those.

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