Re: trailers and pseudo-headers

Personally - very strong +1. This is fundamental. Yes, it sucks, but itís how HTTP works, and we canít change it here.

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>>>> Hm? That would imply buffering all responses before displaying them?
>>> Exactly...  :status must be final and definitive before the client
>>> can decide how to present or process the body.
>> I'm not sure how to interpret your position here PHK, but this would be
>> a major step backwards for the Web.
> My position is that :status can *never* go into trailers (which I think
> should be unsupported btw.)
> HTTP/1 has always worked this way:  The first thing the server tells
> you is the status code, and there is no way it can change that
> subsequently:  Once you've seen 200, 301, 404 or 502, you know what
> use the object body can be to you and dispatch accordingly.
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