RE: Reference set in HPACK

On Wednesday,02 July 2014 09:46, wrote:
> I'm all for people generating such data and coming to conclusions based on it.
> I'd caution that one should not predicate the analysis on pages that look exactly
> as they do today, nor headers which look exactly as they do today.
> Essentially all of the time that I commit to HTTP2 these days comes out of personal
> time, and doing such an analysis would require more time than I'm willing to take
> away from my family or more likely, sleep.
> -=R

I certainly can empathize.  I appreciate your commitment to your family (I really do, *this is not a snark*, I'm a family man too).

My only debate is that there is no data to show that reference sets are worthwhile, *just theory*.

So the onus is on the theorists to come up with proof that reference sets are worthwhile.  Whether that's you or somebody else.

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