Re: Reference set in HPACK


> Even a few bytes per request adds up as the number of requests go up.
> Lets think about a page today that has 100 elements, which is something we
> see today.
> If the headers were regularized, with the use of a reference set, one could
> imagine a reduction of 20 bytes per header.

OK. Suppose we can save 20 bytes.

> With 100 elements, this is approximately 2k of data, or two packets worth.

I don't understand this.

Each HTTP request/response is stored in its own IP packets. Suppose an
HTTP request is stored in N IP packets. I don't think saving 20 bytes
can reduce N to N - 1. So, the total number of IP packets is the same.


Received on Wednesday, 2 July 2014 06:30:30 UTC