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Re: new version trusted-proxy20 draft

From: Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen@fabiankeil.de>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 12:13:59 +0100
To: ietf-http-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20140219121359.010e7eda@fabiankeil.de>
William Chan (ι™ˆζ™Ίζ˜Œ) <willchan@chromium.org> wrote:

> And furthermore, I should add that I don't really think it's in the
> users' interests to have an intermediary be able to snoop listen in on
> all their https traffic. I don't really see the value for end users in
> standardizing any mechanism for doing this. Is there any?

A couple of examples have already been given.

Another example would be proxies like Privoxy which are most of the
time running on the same system as the user agent and administrated
by the end user.

In this scenario it's in the end user's interest to be able to allow
the proxy to read, modify and block at least some of the requests
and responses and it would be great if the user agent could clearly
indicate whether or not a given website could be modified by the proxy.


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